About the Centre


Why study this course

The Centre is based in Swansea’s Townhill campus and offers degree study in BA (Hons) Applied Drama, BA (Hons) Performing Arts (Contemporary Performance), FdA Technical Theatre and (BA (Hons) Technical Theatre top-up.These programmes are excitingly different from the norm and will offer you a wealth of opportunities to develop your practical and academic skills in the exploration and application of drama, theatre, performance and production.

You will be encouraged and supported in your quest to become an independent practitioner, skilled and focused in your commitment to the value and significance of performance and the drama process.

The courses are essentially practical in nature but with an academic foundation so that your practical skills are grounded in theoretical understanding. Students will acquire skills to become independent, creative practitioners in a range of social and vocational contexts. The career opportunities available to our graduates are extremely varied and our degree programmes aim to prepare you to find your place within the sectors of theatre, performance, arts administration, education, social engagement and therapeutic practices: starting your career; undertaking further intensive training; or engaging in postgraduate study. Get in touch if you:

  • Want to study in a friendly and supportive atmosphere
  • You want to explore theory and develop your skills through practical work
  • You are willing to be an active participator who listens and collaborates with others

Interested? Visit UCAS or get in touch with martin.johnson@sm.uwtsd.ac.uk to find out more!


  • Are you prepared to challenge your own knowledge and assumptions to realise your full potential?
  • If you have come to learn then this is the right place for you!
  • Our programmes offer a series of challenges which develop your skills and knowledge in areas that at first you might not know exist.
  • We seek to challenge your preconceptions of your subject knowledge and challenge the ideas of others as you develop innovative and original work.


  • As you explore new knowledge, skills and practices you will venture into uncharted territory.
  • This is exciting and offers you new and unexpected learning opportunities.
  • We can understand subjects, skills and ourselves better through exploration.
  • We seek to guide you toward being able to explore your subject independently, with confidence.


  • We believe that creativity resides within the individual.
  • What each group is capable of creating is entirely dependent on the skills and creativity of the individuals within that team. You are creative!
  • Play and creativity are partners. If you are prepared to challenge and explore and play, being responsive and open to others, this is your key to creativity.